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Letter of Acknowledgement Nomination Form

Please Complete this form for the Letter of Acknowledgement


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brown bulletpointLetter of Acknowledgement


The Letter of Acknowledgement award is based upon the following criteria.  We encourage you to provide several examples of the nominee’s outstanding service in any or all of the listed criteria.

The Letter of Acknowledgement award - Awarded to a member when duties are above normal and routine, or for an outstanding accomplishment which has resulted in improved administration, improved operation or substantial savings in manpower and operational costs where the member has gone far beyond the requirements of the normal assignment to contribute to more effective and efficient law enforcement service. This award will also be given to a citizen who goes beyond the scope of a bystander and assists someone in distress and
took the time to take the extra step. This would include but not be limited to staying to assist person after a 911 call is made, to keep person calm and to provide minor medical attention and the like.


Letter of Acknowledgement Nomination Form

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Return this completed form as indicated on Instruction Page.  Nominations will be considered and reviewed within 60 days of submission.


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