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Nomination Instructions for Sheriff Employees & Citizens

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office recognizes both employees and citizens for acts of bravery, heroism and special merit.

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brown bulletpointNomination Instructions


The following are instructions for Citizens to nominate a Sheriff's employee and for employees to nominate other Sheriff employees and citizens.

These Nomination forms are for citizens and department employees to nominate a Sheriff's Office employee for a Sheriff's award. Nomination forms may be printed from PDF version and completed by hand. These will be sent to the Awards Committee Chairperson when the "Submit" button is clicked. Employees may also nominate citizens for various awards as well.

Nomination forms are listed below with links to the online forms. Descriptions of each award are located on the Awards Information Page.

  • Please complete the form in as much detail as possible so the Awards Committee has a good understanding of the event and how the Nominee participated in the incident.
  • PLEASE INCLUDE specific examples of how the nominee has gone “above and beyond” their job duties or job description.
  • Please write as if no one knows the nominee and include as much detail as possible.
  • Please attach any supporting documentation and your choice of nomination form.
  • All criteria listed below must be addressed in detail.  Incomplete nominations will not be considered.

Internal PRINTED award nominations should be put in interoffice envelope to the Sheriff's Secretary.

Outside PRINTED nomination Forms should be mailed to: 

Sheriff’s Office - Awards Chairperson
500 N. Schmidt Road, PO Box 1986
West Bend, WI 53095


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