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Communications Center for Washington Co

"Washington Co Sheriff 911, What Is Your Emergency?"

At the center of communications for the county are the dispatchers staffing the Sheriff's Office 911 Dispatch Center. These dedicated communication professionals get you the help you need when you need it.

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Communications Officer at console

In 2013, the 911 Dispatch Center handled 65,852 phone calls. Over 22,143 of those calls were 911 emergency calls via land and wireless phone lines. Communications Officer on the phone with resident


The Sheriff’s Office Communications Center is the largest dispatch center in the county. Staffed by a Sergeant and 13 Communications Officers, the Communications Center provides dispatch services for law enforcement, fire and rescue agencies throughout Washington County.



Sheriff’s Office Allenton Fire Department Allenton EMS
Big Cedar Lake Boat Patrol Boltonville Fire Department Boltonville First Responders
Jackson Police Department Fillmore Fire Department Fillmore First Responders
Kewaskum Police Department Jackson Fire Department Jackson EMS
Newburg Police Department Kewaskum Fire Department Kewaskum EMS
Slinger Police Department Kohlsville Fire Department Kohlsville First Responders
Town of Trenton Police Department Newburg Fire Department Lifestar EMS
Richfield Fire Department Newburg EMS
Slinger Fire Department Richfield EMS
St Lawrence Fire Dept St Lawrence First Responders




WI Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce LogoThe Washington County Sheriff’s Office participates in the Wisconsin Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce, a network of trained dispatchers from public safety agencies throughout southeastern Wisconsin. In a large scale incident such as a natural or man-made disaster, these volunteer dispatchers will respond to the incident to help provide communications and dispatch assistance to responding law enforcement, rescue and fire personnel.