Washington County Sheriff - Drug Unit

You won't always see or hear what's going on when it comes to the Drug Unit. They need to keep a low profile in order to investigate and apprehend drug offenders in the county. 

Covering the County - Undercover

The Washington County Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Enforcement Group (Drug Unit) represents the primary local effort in Washington County to curb illegal drug sales, cultivation, and distribution. Unlike other police efforts in Washington County, the Drug Unit’s main goal is to target drug distribution and production. The Drug Unit has secondary roles such as gathering, processing, and disseminating drug intelligence, coordinating drug enforcement with other agencies, and has a role in educating the community about current drug threats.

The Drug Unit has a full-time staff of one supervisor, two detectives, patrol officers assigned as investigators, undercover officers and one program assistant. The Drug Unit works out of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, which provides most of the staff and the supervisor. All full-time police departments in Washington County provide officers or other resources.

In 2009, a new pharmaceutical investigator position was created in the Drug Unit under a three-year grant awarded by the State of Wisconsin – Office of Justice Assistance. This position will focus on the problem of pharmaceutical diversions, the illegal use of prescription drugs.

As a result of Drug Unit activity in 2011, 208 drug related charges were developed against 130 individual suspects. Approximately two-thirds of those charges were felonies, most for delivery of a controlled substance to an undercover officer.

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