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brown bulletpointF.A.Q. - Posting Bond, Good Behavior, Transfers


Q. How can I post bond for an inmate?
Circuit Court Bonds - During business hours, cash or wire transfers are the only accepted forms of payment in the clerk of courts office for posting bond. for your protection, wire transfer are highly recommended for payments over $5,000. If you have questions regarding wire transfers, ask for the accounting supervisor at (262)335-4300. The Clerk of Courts is located at 432 E. Washington St. West Bend, WI 53095.
Municipal Bonds - Municpal bond can be paid at the jail at any time. There is a $25.00 booking fee for sentenced inmates and a $25.00 warrant fee on all municipal warrants. The jail will only accept cash or credit/debit cards. No personal checks are accepted. Posting bond for Municipal Warrants can also be made Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Mid-Moraine Municipal Court is located at 432 E. Washington St., West Bend, WI 53095. Their phone number is: (262)334-5700. Bond may be posted by cash, check or money order payable to Mid-Moraine Municipal Court.
Posting bond at the Jail during non-business hours: Bond may be posted in the front lobby of the jail located at 500 N. Schmidt Road, West Bend, during non-business hours. Cash or credit card will be accepted for posting bond/cash bail for Washington County bonds, Municipal bonds and out of county warrants. No personal checks are accepted.
Credit Cards: Government Payment Service, Inc. (GPS) provides the ability to use a credit card for posting bond/bail. A non-refundable transaction fee is added to all transactions. VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB and DISCOVER cards are accepted. Anyone may use this method of payment as lon as they have an accepted credit card and provide proper identification, such as a valid driver's license or photo ID card. Credit card transaction must be done in person.
Q. Can a county inmate be released early on good behavior?
A. If the inmate was sentenced as a condition of prob ation or is serving a sentence under the Municipal Court, they will receive no good time unless authorized by the Court.
If the person was sentenced to the County Jail and not placed in Jail as a condition of their probation, they may earn up to 1/4 good time.
Q. When someone is picked up on a body warrant in another county but the body warrant is for Washington County, how long does it take to transfer that person to the Washington County Jail?
A. Each transfer is handled on a case-by-case basis and for safety reasons. If someone is in custody in another facility for a Washington County warrant only, transportation will be arranged in a timely manner. However, if the person has a Washington County warrant and charges in the other county or municipality, then transfer will be made once the person has satisfied the other municipality's hold and is made available to our department. Transfer dates and times are not released to the public, including family members for security reasons.



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