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Huber Law Employment of Inmates:
Huber Law inmates confined to the Washington County Jail may be granted the privilege of leaving the Jail during necessary and reasonable hours fo the purpose of working at employment provided the following criteria is met.  The employer must pay at least minimum wage and provide liability insurance to employ a Huber Law inmate on a full-time basis.  The following information may be required to substantiate their legitimacy by providing information not limited to:

  • Federal Tax Identification Number
  • WI Department of Revenue Identification Number
  • Listing in telephone directory
  • Address

Further Requirements:

  • Necessary and reasonable hours shall be defined as a workday.  Allowable hours out of the Jail will be determined by the Jail Supervisors based on verified work hours and travel time. 
  • The work week shall be defined as a seven day period. An inmate may not work more than six days in a row for any given period of time, unless approved by the Jail Sergeant or Lieutenant. 
  • Self employed Hubers will be required to provide 2 years of tax returns, contracts of jobs, and proof of liability insurance.  
  • Self-employed Huber hours may be restricted to less than 12 hours a day. 
  • Huber board per Wisconsin State Statutes303.08(4) shall be charged at the current rate set by the Washington County Board per day of incarceration, regardless of number of days worked per week, while the inmate is gainfully employed or conducting the self-employed occupation of housekeeping or attending the needs of a person’s family or inmates granted release to pursue educational studies, other than required high school attendance. 


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