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Inmate Miscellaneous Information


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Phone Calls:

You will be allowed to use the telephone at the time you are booked into the Jail if you have been cooperative. During the day, you will have access to a phone from 5:30am through 10:00pm providing you have not lost this privilege as a result of disciplinary action. Phone calls on the Jail phones will be monitored and conversations may be taped. Your attorney phone calls will not be taped but the inmate is responsible for providing the attorney’s office phone number so it can be blocked on the computer from being taped. You may use the phone in the morning as soon as your daily cleanup is completed. All calls will be made collect to the number you are calling, or phone time may be purchased from Commissary. Inmates must turn in an ICS Calling Minutes form to the accountant with the amount of money to be placed on their phone account. There is a maximum of $50.00. Any abuse of the phone, annoying phone calls, or arguments as to who is going to use the phone, will result in a conduct report on you and the loss of phone or other privileges for a period of time. There will be no incoming calls allowed and no messages will be relayed to inmates.  

Photo and Prints: 

State law requires that all persons who are booked into the Jail must be photographed and fingerprinted, mainly for identification. It also requires that a new set of fingerprints must be taken for each new charge. Inmates refusing to cooperate will not be released even though bond may be posted. 

Programs Offered to Inmates- 

Bible Study groups  
Education GED/HSED  
Mental Health Counseling  



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