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Inmate Miscellaneous Information


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Recreation and Library/Law Library:
Recreation will be offered to inmates as often as feasible. The Jail staff will determine the hours. (Schedule will be posted with hours in your pod.)  

Library books and magazines will be available in each pod or dorm. These books and magazines will be rotated. You will be allowed to have 2 games in your possession. List of games approved will be posted.  

Various newspapers are provided to keep you informed of current events. You are not to tear or write on these publications since others will also read them. You may subscribe to the West Bend News or Journal/Sentinel. You are responsible for making sure that the delivery person somehow identifies your paper. 

A written request on an Inmate Request Form will have to be submitted to use the Law Library. You will be notified by the Jail staff when you will be allowed to go. A refusal will be considered that you were given access.

Straight-time inmates will be allowed to shower between 5:30am -- 6:30am, or 9:00pm -- 10:00pm daily. Inmates are responsible for their own personal hygiene and are required to shower at least three times per week. Razors are distributed once weekly after cells are opened in the AM and according to the schedule posted in the dorm and are to be returned with the cap in place that same day. Any misuse of or damage to the razor will result in loss of this privilege. Any inmate that is deemed a risk of suicide, self-injury, or aggression will not be allowed use of a razor. A Sergeant can authorize use for exceptions; such as court, revocation hearings, etc. 

Huber inmates will be allowed access to the showers during reasonable hours. The Corrections Officers will issue razors to Huber inmates based on the Huber schedules.  




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