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Entrance to Jail Visitor's Lobby

Inside The Jail - Take a Tour

Join us for a tour of the Jail and its many areas. Get a glimpse of some of the cells, secured areas, etc. See if you can find the different areas where inmates are housed.



brown bulletpointJail Tour Photos


The photos here are of general areas throughout the jail and connecting areas. There are several areas in the jail for different inmates: full-time inmates; huber inmates; juvenile inmates. Each section is separate from the others. Each area has its own security and monitoring room. All sections of the jail are overseen by Master Control.

Jail parking lot
Outside Parking Lot
Jail Lobby
Jail Lobby Entrance
Booking area
Booking Room
Booking area
Booking Room
Jail Hallway
Secured Hallway
Adult Pod Hallway
Adult Pod
Secured Hall in Jail
Secured Hall
Control Booth in Pod Area
Control Booth
Another Control Booth
Control Booth
Adult Cell
Adult Cell
Adult Pod Adult Pod Entry Jail Squad Room
Jail Squad Room
Exercise Room
Exercise Rroom
View of Exercise Room
Exercise Room
Jail Library
Jail Kitchen
Maximum Cell
Maximum Cell Area
Master Control Room
Master Control
Nurses Office
Nurses' office
Visiting Area
Visiting Rooms
Linear Cells
Linear Cells
Special Management Cell
Special Mgmnt. Cell
Adult Cell View
Upper Tier


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