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Date:                April 22, 2015    
Case:               14-3443 fund raiser theft                    
Authority:        Lt Robert Konstanz

After a lengthy criminal investigation a Village of Jackson resident has been charged with stealing money from a fundraising event for the Boys & Girls Club of Washington County. 

Thomas David Kraus, age 40, has been charged in Washington County with theft greater than $5000.  Kraus is scheduled to appear in court on June 1, 2015. 

The investigation was initiated after a board member for the organization notified authorities that they believed some monies were not paid to the organization by one of the main event organizers.  Kraus volunteered and was responsible for organizing a golf outing which took place on July 22, 2013 that solely benefited the Boy & Girls Club of Washington County. 

Kraus was responsible for dispersing money raised during the event.  Kraus has organized a golf outing for the Boys & Girls club since 2007, but he was NOT a member of the board of directors.  The investigation revealed that at least $5237 of donated money was not paid to the organization.

The Boys & Girls Club of Washington County organization has been cooperative with authorities during the investigation.



Date:                    April 21, 2015
Subject:               House Fire 15-14417   
Authority:            Sgt. Chad Beres


On the above date at 6:15 pm the Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center was notified of a residential house fire at a residence on Knollwood Road in the Town of Trenton.  A passerby spotted the fire, quickly stopped and called 911.  The Newburg Fire Department and Deputies were subsequently dispatched to the scene.

The first personnel on scene reported flames coming from the back side of the residence/garage area.  Newburg Fire Department upgraded the response and personnel from the following departments responded to assist: Jackson Fire Department, West Bend Fire Department, Cedarburg Fire Department, Saukville Fire Department, Fillmore Fire Department, Grafton Fire Department & Rescue, Waubeka Fire Department, Fredonia Fire Department, Port Washington Rescue and Kewaskum Rescue.

The Fire Departments are still working to extinguish the fire at this time.  Washington County Sheriff’s Office fire investigators have been requested to assist.  The residence was not occupied at the time and the home will be a total loss.  Preliminary damage estimates are approximately $280,000.  This case will be under investigation and no further information is being released at this time.  



Date:                  April 19, 2015                     
Case:                 Fatal Crash 2015-14103        
Authority:          Lt. Bruce Theusch


On April 19, 2015 at 2:33 am the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a two vehicle injury accident at the intersection of Pioneer Road and County Hwy G in the Town of Jackson.

Upon arrival deputies found a westbound vehicle on Pioneer Road failed to stop for the stop sign and struck a northbound vehicle on County Hwy G, fatally injuring the 75 year old female passenger in the northbound vehicle.  The driver of the westbound vehicle, a 42 year old man from the Town of Jackson, was ejected from his vehicle. The driver of the northbound vehicle, an 80 year old male, suffered non-life threatening injuries and was transported to Froedtert Hospital by ambulance.  The Town of Jackson man was initially transported to St. Joseph Hospital and then later transferred to Froedtert Hospital by Flight for Life, for serious injuries. Both occupants of the northbound vehicle reside in Cedarburg.

Jackson Fire/ Rescue responded to the scene to treat the injured and was assisted by Germantown Rescue. Germantown Police Department assisted with traffic control.

The accident remains under investigation by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and their Accident Reconstruction Team, however alcohol may have been a contributing factor.





Date:                  April 10, 2015
Case:                 15-13031 Suicidal Safely Taken Into Custody
Authority:           Lt. Martin Schulteis

On Friday April 10, 2015 at approximately 8:33 am, Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded to an address near the 4400 block of Cty Tk NN in the Township of West Bend for a report of family trouble complaint. While responding to the residence, Sheriff’s Deputies were advised a 43 year-old male, with a history of mental and drug issues, was intoxicated and acting aggressive inside the home towards two other family members. Just prior to the first deputies arriving on scene, the Town of West Bend man severely cut his own wrist with a knife and left the residence on foot. The caller, who remained inside the secured home, was not able to advise the Communications Center if the subject fled the residence with the weapon. Life Star Rescue was subsequently summoned to a safe staging area near the scene. The two deputies that were the first to arrive on scene determined he was unarmed, but the 6’3” 300 lbs man was bleeding heavily and uncooperative. He began walking towards Big Cedar Lake threatening to jump in while demanding that the deputies shoot him. The subject continued to threaten to harm any officers that approach him as he walked towards the lake.Deputies intended to resolve the situation by a Taser® deployment on the subject, but he was wearing a heavy leather jacket and constantly walking away from the deputies. This made a backside deployment impractical. Eventually, a deputy was able to gain a frontal position of advantage on the man and make a successful probe deployment between the open front zipper of his jacket. The subject was then safely taken into custody by deputies and taken to a medical facility for his physical injuries by Life Star Rescue. The subject will also remain in protective physical custody for mental observation.    

 NOTICE: In compliance with the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in Senne v. Village of Palatine, 695F3d597 (7th Circuit, 2012), and the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (“DPPA”), 18 U.S.C. §2721 et.seq., the Washington County Sheriff’s Office is no longer releasing personal information under the DPPA unless it falls under a permissible use. Personal information obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles, including an individual’s date of birth, drivers license number, social security number, home address, telephone number, photograph and medical or disability information is prohibited from disclosure unless one of the permissible uses applies. Permissible uses are listed in 18 U.S.C. 2721 (b)_


Date:                     April 10, 2015 
Case:                    Rescue Call Lazy Days Campground
Authority:             Lt. Martin Schulteis  

On 4/4/15 at 5:33 pm the Washington County Sheriff's Office took a 911 call from a wife of a 45 year-old Brookfield man who was unresponsive and not breathing. Fillmore First Responders, Newburg Rescue and Sheriff's Office personnel were dispatched to the scene.

Upon the deputies arrival the victim was on his back on the ground in the mud and bystanders were around trying to provide breaths for the victim. The deputy noted the victim was unresponsive, grey in color, not breathing on his own and had no pulse. A first responder arrived on scene and began chest compressions and the deputy hooked up her AED (automatic external defibrillator) and subsequently took over providing breaths from the other bystander. One AED shock was applied to the victim and CPR was continued. The AED analyzed for a second shock and advised no shock was needed.

CPR continued and shortly after the victim regained his color and began breathing on his own. The victim was transported to Grafton Aurora by Newburg Rescue and West Bend Intercept. The deputy later spoke with the victim at the medical facility who advised that all he remembers is trying to push out his truck out of the mud when he collapsed.


Date:                     April 6, 2015 
Case:                    Grass Fire Town of Erin 15-12645
Authority:             Lt. Bruce Theusch 408  

On Monday April 6, 2015 at 11:58am a Washington County Sheriff’s Office Deputy was on patrol and observed an out of control grass fire behind the Tally Ho Pub & Grill located at 1855 STH 83 in the Town of Erin.

This was a controlled burn which was previously called into the Sheriff’s Office.  An employee of the Tally Ho Pub & Grill was burning grass, wood and yard debris on the property and he left the burn unattended when he believed it was completely out.  Remnants of the controlled burn ended up starting an adjoining property owner’s farm field on fire and the resulting fire burned approximately 100 acres of farm field and a wooded area. 

Hartford Fire and Rescue responded and they were assisted by Lifestar Ambulance, Richfield, Ashippin, Stone Bank, Slinger and Jackson Fire Departments. Terry Road was closed between CTH O and Druid Lake Road during the Fire Departments' operations.

There is no damage estimate at this time.  The subject who was conducting the controlled burn which caused the fire will be cited for a violation of Washington County Ordinance 14.941.10 Negligent Handling of Burning Materials by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.



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