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Date:                    December 18, 2014 
Subject:               Arrest in Allenton Bank Robbery Case 14 44759
Authority:            Lt Robert Konstanz


There is a subject in custody in regard to the bank robbery that occurred at the National Exchange Bank & Trust in Allenton on Friday, December 12, 2014. 

Washington County Sheriff Office Detectives working on the case, in conjunction with the FBI and the City of Milwaukee Police Department Violent Crimes Task Forc,e as well as Police Officers from MPD District 7, made the arrest on December 17, 2014.  The suspect remains in custody while the investigation continues.  No additional information will be released at this time. 



Date:                    December 13, 2014                           
Case:                   14-44818       Standoff       
Authority:            Sgt. Tim Kemps 414/1086

On Saturday December 13th  at 4:29 AM the Washington County Sheriff's Office was called to the apartment building at 501 Main St in Allenton for a 32 year old man yelling and breaking items within his apartment. Previous contact with this individual led deputies to believe there were numerous martial arts weapons inside, and later information led deputies to believe there were firearms as well. The suspect was also known to be wanted by a surrounding county. Upon arrival the suspect was observed swinging an axe inside the residence and yelling. Deputies were not able to determine if anyone was inside the apartment with the suspect.   People that lived nearby were asked to evacuate the area.

Deputies were able to make contact with the suspect over the telephone. Attempts to ascertain if the suspect was alone or injured could not be determined and the Sheriff’s SWAT team was activated and responded to the scene. Negotiations over the phone with the suspect were ongoing during the incident.

Area roads were closed for safety reasons for approximately one hour and were reopened with the peaceful surrender of the suspect at 7:14 AM. The apartment was cleared and no other occupants were located inside.

Several criminal charges will to be requested against the suspect as a result of this incident, as well as him being held on the outstanding warrant.  Numerous weapons were located inside the apartment.


Date:                     December 12, 2014    
Subject:                Bank Robbery 14-44759       
Authority:             Lt. Robert Stuesser   

On Friday December 12, 2014 at approximately 4:40 p.m., the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a hold up alarm activation occurring at the National Exchange Bank located at 6278 Blueberry Road in the Town of Addison.  Deputies were subsequently dispatched to the bank. Shortly after receiving the alarm notification, phone contact was made with bank officials, who confirmed the robbery.  Deputies were unable to locate the suspect upon their arrival.

Deputies learned that a single masked man entered the bank armed with a handgun and demanded money.  The suspect removed an undisclosed amount of money from the bank and left on foot.  There were no customers inside the bank at the time of the robbery and no bank employees were injured. 

Sheriff’s investigators are asking the public’s assistance in identifying any suspicious subjects and/or vehicles observed in the area of the bank before or after the robbery.  Tips can be made by contacting Detective Walsh at 262-335-4407, Detective Clausing at 262-335-4748, or they can be provided anonymously by contacting the Washington County Tip Line at 800-232-0594.            



Date:                 December 12, 2014     
Case:                Public Notice - Phone Scam              
Authority:         Lt. Martin Schulteis

Earlier this year the Internal Revenue Service warned citizens of a nationwide sophisticated phone scam that targets innocent taxpayers.  The scam alleges the citizens owe back taxes and fees that must be paid through a preloaded debit card or some other type of wire transfer.  These scammers will use many different types of tactics to convince victims they owe delinquent taxes a

d have to immediately send money to avoid law enforcement action. 
One such tactic is caller ID spoofing. This is a common tactic where the scammers are able to hide their actual phone number by replacing it with a number of their choice.  In many cases the initial phone call from the scammer will have the IRS toll free phone number fraudulently appear on the caller ID.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office recently received a report from a resident of the City of West Bend who was reporting this very type of scam.  After the potential victim initially hung up on the scammer, she received a second follow up phone call.  The number that was displayed on the caller ID was “Wash. Co 262-335-4378”.  That number is the Washington County Sheriff’s Office non emergency administrative phone line.  The scammer deceitfully indicated she was from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and that deputies were dispatched to her home to take her into custody for an arrest warrant unless she immediately paid the fake tax bill.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office wants citizens to know that we do not assist the Internal Revenue Service with any types of tax collection over the phone. There are occasions where we do assist the IRS with tax warrants, but that is only after the IRS has exhausted all methods of collecting delinquent taxes.  During those very isolated circumstances, representatives from our agency personally accompany IRS agents to the home or business.  Our agency would like to stress that if you receive a phone call from our agency, you can ask the caller to identify themselves and who their direct supervisor is.  You can also look up the phone number for yourself and call it back to verify the origin of the call.

For more information or to report variations of this IRS scam, go to and type "scam" in the search box.


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