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February Releases


Date: February 4, 2015

Subject: IRS frauds and scams                               

Authority: Lt Robert Konstanz

Recently our agency has taken calls from citizens who say they have received suspicious calls from people claiming to be the IRS.  During this call the suspect tells the victim that money is owed to the IRS for back taxes and payment must be made immediately or risk being jailed.  These are false claims made by scammers.  The IRS WILL NOT call citizens informing them that money is owed for back taxes.  If you received a call from such a person, hang up and don’t speak to them.  Remember the IRS WILL NOT call you about a tax issue, do not give out your personal identification to these callers. 

Also, recently we have had a few cases where victims receive a call from persons that claim that their grandchild was involved in an accident and are now in trouble unless money is sent immediately.  DO NOT send anyone money that tells you this on a phone.  The majority of the time, these scammers prey on older residents that believe they are doing the right thing for their loved ones.  We suggest that residents have conversations with any family members that may get calls such as these so they don’t become victimized.



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