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Date:         March 14, 2014
Case :       Town of Erin St. Patrick's Day Parade
Authority:  Sgt. Ryan Herman

The Town of Erin St. Patrick’s Day parade will be held on Monday, March 17th. The parade will begin at 11:00 AM. The Sheriff’s Office in cooperation with the Town of Erin, has taken steps to ensure that the parade route and surrounding highways will be as safe as possible for motorists and pedestrians.

The practice of some groups to establish large party areas along the highway used for the parade route have caused traffic and pedestrian hazards and significant delays in reopening the highway following the parade. The Town of Erin receives a permit from the Washington County Highway Department to hold the parade on a closed portion of CTH K between CTH E (west) and Hwy 167, however that permit does not include closing the highway for unrestricted partying.

The presence of oversize vehicles, recreational vehicles, campers, trailers, and the temporary structures associated with these groups contribute to the hazards along the highway. These hazards significantly delay the clearing of the parade route and encourage excessive drinking both before and after the parade. To address these concerns and to ensure the safety of everyone wishing to attend the parade, steps have been taken to minimize these hazards:

Only passenger vehicles and trucks not exceeding one ton in capacity will be allowed to park along the parade route. Vehicles which are prohibited from parking on the parade route include recreational vehicles, towed or pickup campers, motor homes, buses, oversize vehicles and/or trailers of any kind.

No temporary structures or shelters will be permitted on the parade route. This includes pole tents, frame tents, lean-to’s, awnings, canopies or similar structures regardless of size.

Use of private property along the parade route is at the discretion of the property owners. Vehicles will be permitted to enter the parade route for the purposes of accessing private property or discharging passengers, however they will not be permitted to remain parked along the route. Once the parade route is deemed full all vehicular traffic will be restricted on the parade route. Unauthorized persons, vehicles, and/or structures which are located on private property without the permission of the property owner constitute trespassing. Violators will be cited. All other highways adjacent to the parade route are open highways and all applicable laws will apply.

In addition to the above steps the Sheriff’s Office will be deploying extra Deputies on St. Patrick’s Day dedicated to enforcing traffic laws to ensure vehicular safety, including detecting and arresting drivers for OWI violations.

Date:               March 11, 2014
Case:              Update to Lake Five Robbery 14-9042
Authority:       Lt. Martin Schulteis

Update to 14-9042 – Robbery at Lake Five Service in Village of Richfield

On Monday, March 10, 2014 at 9:49 PM, Deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 21 year-old Village of Richfield man for the armed robbery of Lake Five Service located at 4522 County Highway Q in the Village of Richfield that occurred on Saturday, March 8th, 2014 at 7:54PM. The vehicle was first observed in the area of State Highway 164 and Monches Rd in the Village of Richfield and stopped for a variety of traffic violations. During the scene investigation, a drug detection K9 was deployed and demonstrated a positive canine alert. This alert resulted in the arrest of the man, the seizure of a Heroin drug kit and physical evidence of the armed robbery. The investigation continues, but the 21 year-old was arrested and his being held at the Washington County Jail on charges of armed robbery, two counts of bail jumping and possession of drug paraphernalia.



Date:          March 8, 2014            
Case :        Robbery at Lake Five Service Richfield, WI
Authority:  Sgt. Michael Hennes 

At 7:45 PM on 3-8-14 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was notified of an armed robbery at Lake Five Service located at 4522 County Highway Q, in the Village of Richfield. 

One male wearing a ski mask entered the store displayed a handgun and demanded cash from the clerk. The suspect reached over the counter and removed the contents of the cash register, then left the store on foot. 

Witnesses indicated the suspect ran to a waiting car and fled west bound on County Highway Q. 

At this time the amount of cash taken is not known. 

The case remains under investigation by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. 

At this time no further details are being released. 



Date:                 March 7, 2014      
Case :               Arrests in burglary cases
Authority:         Robert A Konstanz, Lieutenant 

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has made arrests into 4 separate burglary investigations that revolved around a group of individuals. These cases date back to October of 2013 to a more recent case that occurred on February 26, 2014.

The suspects involved claimed their heroin addiction is the reason for committing the burglaries and in some cases they victimized their own relatives. The suspects stole gaming systems, televisions, laptop computers, blue ray videos, dvds, child games and a handgun. They claim they traded the stolen property for heroin in Milwaukee. These cases occurred in the Town of Trenton and confessions were obtained by the members of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Three of the suspects have been charged in Washington County Circuit Court. One has posted a cash bond, while 2 others remain jailed. The investigation is ongoing and other individuals face criminal charges as well.


Date:                  March 6, 2014      
Subject:              Arrests in Drug Overdose Death Case
Authority:           Robert A Konstanz, Lieutenant 

The Washington County Sheriff's Office has made arrests in regards to the heroin overdose death of a 51-year old Town of Jackson man that occurred on April 21, 2013, in the Town of Jackson. The arrests were made on March 4, 2014 after an extensive investigation involving investigators from the Sheriff's Office, Detective Bureau and Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force.

The suspects which were arrested on March 4th included: a 32-year old female from Milwaukee, a 25-year old Neosho man who purchased the drug for the victim and a 38-year old Milaukee man who supplied and sold the drug.

The three suspects made their initial appearances in Washington County Circuit Court on March 6, 2014 and have been charged with various crimes including: First Degree Reckless Homicide, Delivery of Heroin and Party to the crime of Heroin delivery.

Additional suspects face charges as well in regards to this investigation which is ongoing.


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