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In compliance with the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in Senne v. Village of Palatine, 695F3d597 (7th Circuit, 2012), and the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (“DPPA”), 18 U.S.C. §2721 et.seq., the Washington County Sheriff’s Office is no longer releasing personal information under the DPPA unless it falls under a permissible use. Personal information obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles, including an individual’s date of birth, drivers license number, social security number, home address, telephone number, photograph and medical or disability information is prohibited from disclosure unless one of the permissible uses applies. Permissible uses are listed in 18 U.S.C. 2721 (b).


Date: May 24, 2016       

Subject: Suspicious Situation (16-18719)                                    

Authority: Lt Bob Konstanz

The Sheriff’s Office has identified the person in regards to the suspicious situation at Ackermann’s Park.  Acting on a tip from a citizen who was familiar with this person, a detective made contact with an 86-year old Town of West Bend man.  The caller knew this man had offered candy to children in restaurants in the past, matched the physical description provided and drove a similar vehicle.

The man readily admitted that he was in fact the person in the park and had offered children some candy.  It is believed that the man had no bad intentions and has been known to do similar acts of kindness in the past.  The man now understands that is not a good idea to do that and will stop.  The man has no criminal history;   there will be no criminal charges in this matter.



Date:                        May 23rd, 2016                

Subject:                  Suspicious Situation (16-18719)                              

Authority:               Lieutenant Tim Kemps


On 5-23-16 at 7:20pm the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a suspicious situation that occurred at approximately 6:30pm on today’s date at Ackerman’s Grove County Park, located at 4875 CTH Z in the Town of Polk.

Two young females, ages 9 and 11 reported that a red or maroon older model minivan driven by a male in his 60’s or 70’s stopped by them and held out candy and asked if they wanted any. The girls refused and quickly left the area. The vehicle was last seen leaving the park. The driver never exited the car. The suspect is further described as having grey hair with several days’ growth of facial hair and wearing a brown plaid button-down shirt.

Numerous deputies were dispatched to check the area and other parks in the county. No suspects were located at this time.



Date:                        May 20th, 2016                

Subject:                  Increased Patrols USH 41/ 45                                

Authority:               Captain Bruce Theusch

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office will be increasing patrols on USH 41/ 45 during peak travel times beginning this week and lasting through the summer travel season.  The increased patrols will focus on aggressive driving and vehicle driving complaints. 

The main detour route for USH 41/45 is State Hwy 175.  State Hwy 175 is currently under construction and closed, in the south end of Washington County.  The patrol deputies will also be focusing on quickly mitigating traffic crashes on USH 41/45 to avoid secondary crashes/ back-ups, especially in the south end of Washington County.

In the past the Sheriff’s Office has given 48 hours to owners of disabled vehicles to remove their vehicles.  In an effort to eliminate potential hazards, patrol deputies will be immediately removing any vehicles that become disabled on USH 41/45 from County Hwy Q to State Hwy 60, while State Hwy 175 is under construction.



Date:                               May 22, 2016  
Subject:                          Injury accident on Highway 41 (16-18444)   
Authority:                       Sgt. Keith Uhan

 On Sunday, May 22, 2016, at 2:40am, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a single vehicle roll-over style accident located on Hy 41 southbound approximately a half mile north of County Highway K in the town of Addison. Sheriff’s Dispatch was also advised that a male subject was currently lying in the roadway. Deputies and personnel from the Allenton and St. Lawrence Fire Departments were subsequently dispatched to the scene. 

 Upon arrival of deputies, an un-responsive 23 year old Allenton man was located lying in the south bound lanes of traffic. He was believed to be the sole operator of the vehicle. Flight for Life was requested to the scene. After being treated by on-scene emergency medical personnel, the man was subsequently flown to the Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee with unknown injuries. 

 Highway 41 was closed in both directions for approximately an hour, and remained closed for southbound traffic for an additional 20 minutes to facilitate the tow and roadway clean up.

 A preliminary investigation into the cause of the accident revealed that the man had been driving north bound on Highway 41, when he entered the median, and then entered the south bound lanes of travel, rolling his vehicle onto the roadway. Alcohol is believed to be a contributing factor to the cause of the accident.  



Date:                       May 19, 2016

Case:                      Structure Fire - 16-18066

Authority:              Sgt. Chad Beres

On the above date at 5:39am the Sheriff’s Office received a report of a possible garage fire at 7226 Hwy 144 (NR Asphalt & Pavement Maintenance) in the town of Barton. The caller was a passerby who reported black smoke coming from the garage.  Approximately 3 minutes later a second call was received by a resident who reported a hot kettle machine for hot tar was inside the garage. The West Bend Fire Department was paged and quickly upgraded the fire to a MABAS call. Fire Departments from Allenton, Kewaskum, Kohlsville, Jackson and Newburg were paged, but were cancelled prior to their arrival.

Two deputies arrived on scene at 5:45am and observed black smoke coming out of all sides of the garage, but no flames were observed. Deputies on scene closed the roadway to traffic.

West Bend Fire Department entered the garage and vented the structure to remove the smoke. A pickup truck with the attached hot kettle machine was removed from the garage. Further inspection revealed a fire in the attic of the garage which was dealt with by the Fire Department personnel.

It appears there was some mechanical or electrical failure with the hot kettle machine which started a fire on the machine. There was approximately $25,000 worth of damage to the garage due to the attic fire and approximately $15,000 worth of damage to the hot kettle machine. The garage was not occupied at the time of the fire and there were no reported injuries to personnel on scene.



Date:                     May 16, 2016   

Subject:                16-17381 

Authority:              Lieutenant Buth

On Monday May 16th a 56 year old City of West Bend man was charged by the Washington County District Attorney’s Office for manufacturing marijuana, maintaining a drug trafficking place, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The suspect had been arrested on the night of Friday May 13th as a search warrant was executed at his residence on Barton Avenue in the City Of West Bend.

The Search Warrant was obtained by the Washington County Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Enforcement Group (Drug Unit). The search warrant was served by the West Bend Police SRT. The Drug Unit was assisted at the scene by Sheriff’s Office detectives.

220 marijuana plants were seized by the drug unit. The plants were in various stages of development from just started to mature. A large quantity of ballasts, lighting equipment, timers and other marijuana growing equipment were also seized. The Honorable Judge James Pouros ordered a $10,000 cash bond.



Date:                     May 16, 2016     

Subject:                 Structure Fire – Town of Erin – 16-17716                                 

Authority:              Sgt. Boudry 

Authorities were called regarding a fully engulfed structure at 7145 Cty Tk O at 11:27am.  The single family two-story structure was unoccupied at the time of the fire and was in the process of being vacated.  The fire-fighting efforts forced the closure of Cty Tk O for a period of approximately 3 hours.  

The following fire departments responded to the scene to fight the fire; Hartford, Ashippun, Woodland, West Bend, Merton, Stone Bank, Slinger, St. Lawrence, Lebanon, Neosho, Richfield fire departments.  Also assisting was Lifestar Ambulance and the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office. There were no reported injuries to fire personnel as a result of the fire.

The fire remains under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office and there has not been a dollar amount of estimated damage determined.  Authorities will remain on scene until the investigation has been concluded.




DATE:                       May 12, 2016 

SUBJECT:                16-17010 Criminal Trespassing Investigation

AUTHORITY:          Captain Martin Schulteis

On Tuesday, May 10th at 9:26pm, the Sheriff’s Office responded to the 6200 block of Esker Park Ct. in the Town of Trenton for a criminal trespassing/burglary complaint that had just occurred.  The 36-year-old homeowner was working in his attached garage when a male white opened the back service door and peered inside.  The suspect and victim briefly made eye contact and the suspect fled the area on foot.  The Sheriff’s Office saturated the area with patrol cars but was not able to locate the suspect.  A detective was also called in to process the scene.

During the initial investigation, the homeowner provided investigators with a description of the suspect and he also had phone contact with his ex-wife, a 33-year-old Saukville woman.  She advised that the suspect matched the description of her ex-boyfriend. The ex-wife indicated her ex-boyfriend, a 38-year-old South Milwaukee man, had demonstrated unreported abusive/domestic type behavior that occurred at her Saukville residence approximately three weeks ago.  

Although the Town of Trenton homeowner was not certain he could positively identify the suspect based on the glimpse of him, the Sheriff’s Office requested South Milwaukee Police Department to make contact with the 38-year-old man based on the information from the ex-wife of the victim.  The intent was to interview him regarding his whereabouts earlier in the evening.  We also requested that South Milwaukee Police Department photograph the clothing he was wearing.  This request took place during the evening of May 10th.  South Milwaukee Police made contact with the suspect and he adamantly denied being in Washington County that evening.

Concurrently, during this request to the South Milwaukee Police Department, the Sheriff’s Office investigators encouraged the ex-wife to report the most recent abusive/domestic type incident to the Saukville Police Department.  She subsequently contacted the Saukville Police Department to report that incident based upon our recommendation that evening.

Wednesday morning, Washington County investigators were still actively investigating the case and attempted to re-contact the suspect after speaking with the suspect’s probation officer and the ex-wife of the trespassing victim again.  The Sheriff’s Office was later notified that our trespassing suspect was involved in an armed standoff in the Village of Grafton on Wednesday night. 

Washington County Sheriff’s investigators continue to investigate the case and an effort to physically place the 38-year-old suspect at our scene Tuesday evening.






Date:                      May 4, 2016     

Subject:                 National Correctional Officers and Employees Week                             

Authority:              Sheriff Dale K. Schmidt

The week of May 1-7 is National Correctional Officers and Employees Week.  I would like to publicly thank all of the Washington County Jail staff for the difficult job they do, and acknowledge their dedication to providing a safe and secure facility.

Jail operations that are going well seldom make the news or come to the public’s attention.  The Washington County Jail and the Juvenile Detention Center have received excellent state inspection reports for years.  I attribute this to the positive attitude and very ethical culture among Washington County’s Correctional Officers.  The leadership, and Officers themselves have high expectations of each other, and makes for a well-run facility.

Bad things have happened in the Jail at times, and they will again.  The core purpose of the Jail is to secure accused or convicted criminals away from law abiding society.  Inmates are there because they have not followed the laws of our community.  Many have addictions or a level of mental illness.  Some just refuse to live inside our laws.  The Washington County Correctional Officers and other staff do a very good job of managing that population for the safety of our community.

Please join me in thanking them during the national week of recognition.  Please tweet or send a   Facebook “Thank You,” or even better yet, go old school and send a card.  Staff at the Sheriff’s Office are always motivated by knowing we are working for the citizens in our community.  Nothing makes us feel more appreciated than a simple “thank you” from the people we are serving.

Sheriff Dale K. Schmidt

DATE:                  May 4, 2016

SUBJECT:            900 EMG- Emergency Management Severe Weather Paging System

AUTHORITY:      Captain Martin Schulteis



In the late 1970s, Washington County Emergency Government received a grant to provide Emergency Management pager receivers to schools, municipalities, factories and other private entities to receive severe weather broadcasts from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. In addition to the grant, many pagers were also privately purchased and/or leased.  The program was referred to as the 900 EMG Paging System.  The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has been testing that particular pager group on a daily basis at 12 p.m. ever since.  There still may be a limited number of those pagers in existence, but the Sheriff’s Office has no way of tracking all 900 EMG pagers; the 900 EMG Pagers only receive pages and do not transmit data.


Since the implementation of that program, technology and equipment has changed allowing individuals to acquire weather alerts in a variety of different ways.  Severe weather alerts are currently available on a host of different platforms including most mobile devices, weather radios, police scanners, television stations and radio stations. Keeping that in mind, the Sheriff’s Office would still like to continue to provide the severe weather page option to any entity that still has an active 900 EMG Pager. 


If there are still entities that are using such a device, and want to continue to do so, they will have to contact the Sheriff’s Office and make arrangements for our Radio Administrator to evaluate the pager to determine if it can be reprogramed.  The Sheriff’s Office has updated our protocols for paging severe weather so only one severe weather page has to be done rather than multiple pages to different groups.  This update enhances public safety by making severe weather notifications quicker.  During the week of May 9th through May 13th, the Sheriff’s Office will also be making a formal announcement during the 900 EMG page that users of the 900 EMG System will need to have their pagers updated if that want to continue to receive severe weather alerts.  After May 13th, the severe weather 900 EMG page will be replaced with the more uniform severe weather page. Anyone needing their 900 EMG pagers evaluated can contact our Radio Administrator at 262-335-4308.


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