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Entrance to Jail Visitor's Lobby

Adult Visiting Information

Want to know the rules of either Huber or Straight time inmates?  You've come to the right place.  This should give you some idea of what is required and some of the rules for the Washington County Jail.


brown bulletpointVisitor Information


Check-in process, Dress code, limitations and restrictions

To help improve the visiting check-in process, be sure to have proof of identifcation ready. Also please review the following definitions and topics.

Dress Code

Attire is to be conservative and respectable. Those wearing low-cut tops, shirts exposing any midriff areas or any clothing which is provocative in nature or deemed to be too revealing will be at the Officers discretion and your visit may be denied. Any clothing depicting images of drugs, drug use or drug paraphernalia will also be restricted.


Try to limit yourself to minimal amount of jewelry. No studded belts or accessories. Belts, shoes, or boots containing metal or steel will slow down you check in process.


Absolutely no cell phones, cameras, recording (electronic) devices, keys, or writing utensils will be allowed into the visitation area. Extra clothing items, to include jackets sweatshirts, hats, purses, backpacks, or bags of any type will also be refused to take up to the visitation area. These items will need to be secured in a locker.

Please keep in mind you are choosing to enter a secure facility and must adhere to the above listed guidelines.

All Officers have the right to use their discretion in allowing your visit.

Any special requests by the visitor must have Sergeant approval prior to the scheduled visit time.

While visiting you must remain seated with both feet on the floor.


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