Welcome to the website of the Washington County Sheriff in West Bend, Wisconsin. The Sheriff’s Office operates the County Jail, attends to the Circuit Court, operates a 911 Dispatch Center and provides law enforcement programs throughout the county. 

Mission Statement -  We, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, exist to serve all people within our jurisdiction with respect, fairness and sensitivity.  We are committed to the (1) prevention of crime and the protection of life and property; (2) the preservation of peace, order, and safety; the enforcement of laws and ordinances; and (3) the safeguarding of constitutional guarantees.
We are driven by the goals to enhance the quality of life, conduct thorough investigations, seek solutions and foster a sense of security in our community and its individuals.  We shall nurture public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics.

Telecommunications Week

Washington County Sheriff Dale K. Schmidt wants to formally recognize our decidated team of Dispatchers working within our Dispatch Center. April 9-15 is recognized as National Telecommunicator's Week and serves as a time to pubically thank our public safety dispatchers who connect those in need to services 24 hours a day. Our agency is proud of their decication and high degree of professonalism while working under stressfull situations.


Jail and Juvenile Inspection Reports -The WI Department of Corrections has completed its annual inspection of the Washington County Jail and Juvenile Detention Facilities. The inspection report found both facilities to be operating within the DOC Administrative Code. While most comments were positive and favorable, the inspector did make suggestions for improvements in some processes. The Jail Administrator is reviewing those items. The Sheriff would like to publicly thank Captain Scott Lehman and the entire Jail staff for their good work. Inspection reports like this are a good measure for the public to see that the resources provided by the County Board are put to good use. It also shows that the Jail staff are committed to their work and operate a professional county jail facility. Thank you.

Sheriff's Blog - Messages from the Washington County Sheriff, Dale K. Schmidt

Annual Report - 2016 Washington County Sheriff's Office Annual Report

*New* Join Our Team - Video introduction to public safety at the Washington County Sheriff's Office

Drones- Important Information Regarding Drones

What to Expect - The Booking Process, DNA Samples, Huber & Electronic Monitoring

Run. Hide. Fight. ® - Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Gun Ordinances - 2016 Rifle Ordinances

Drug Treatment Information - Information from ELEVATE

Shop With A Cop 2015 - Photo Album

Burn Bans in Our State - State map showing daily burn bans

Sheriff's Message

To meet our mission, communication with the public is very important. This website is intended to improve public access to department resources and inform the public on department operations.

The Washington County Sheriff website topics, such as Agency Programs, Civil Process, Open Records and County Jail, provide citizens information they need to interact with the department; good explanations, contact names and information are provided. Other topics, such as Operations, Communications, Patrol Division and Special Units are designed to be informative so citizens can learn about the resources available in their community.

In the future, our intent is to keep working toward a website that is even more interactive and useful for citizens who have business with the Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Dale Schmidt




Information about crime, fraud and safety tips for the home, trips and personal life. Weather conditions, seasonal safety and Sheriff staff duties are just a few items covered.  Read More . . .


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We participate in our community through presentations, programs and staff volunteers. See what we offer and how our employees spend their spare time.

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contractsContract Services

The Washington County Sheriff's Office works with a local community to provide an economical and efficient solution to their law enforcement needs through contracting.
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courthouseCourt Services

If you are attending court in the Justice Center,deputies provide you with a safe environment in which to do business.

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file folderDocuments

Documents, Charts and Maps to the Washington County Sheriff's Office are located here. We will continue to publish documents that describe our office and what we do. Read More . . .

homeHome Safety

These articles contain important information and tips to keep your home save from break-ins and theft. Home Safety Articles.

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We provide links to resources both nationally and within Washington County. This area also gives employment information and staff descriptions.
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Road Conditions / Construction

Stay up to date with links directly to WI weather conditions and road construction. Know when to avoid or prepare for road conditions and closings.
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