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Recent Significant Cases

Every day the Washington County Sheriff's Office serves this county by investigating crimes and working with neighboring counties to stop criminals from getting away. Through informants, citizen referrals and anonymous tips on the County Tip Line, much information is gathered and investigated. The following are just a few of the recent cases we have worked on.


brown bulletpoint2012 Washington County Significant Cases


Bank Robberry

On May 31, 2012 a male walked into the bank at 1301 STH 175 in the Village of Richfield and demanded money, the suspect left with $2870 in US currency.  Detective Clausing responded to the scene.  Through his investigation Detective Clausing was able to obtain a description of the suspect vehicle and disseminated that information throughout various regions of Wisconsin.

On July 9, 2012 Clausing received info from a Detective in Dodge County of a possible vehicle match to the suspect vehicle.  Detective Clausing did additional follow-up which lead him to Horicon where he was able to identify the suspect vehicle. The register owner’s son was developed as a suspect after his picture was compared to photograph’s obtained from bank surveillance.  Through continued investigation and various court orders the Detective Bureau began tracking the suspect. Immediately after the suspect robbed a bank in the Village of Germantown he was taken into custody in the City Of Milwaukee.

During a subsequent interrogation the suspect gave a full confession, implicating two others in the bank robberies. Due to Detective Clausing’s investigation the suspect and his girlfriend face federal charges for bank robbery. It is believe that the suspect is responsible for 10 (ten) robberies in Southeastern Wisconsin. Five of those occurred in Washington County: two in the Village of Germantown, one in the City of Hartford, one in the City of West Bend and one in the Village of Richfield. Over $15,000 dollars was taken during these robberies

Intentional Homicide

On December 21, 2012 at about 9:21 pm, a male subject dialed 911 to reporting that he had just killed his father.  Squads were dispatched to a residence on Upland Dr in the Village of Richfield where they found a horrific crime scene.  Upon arrival deputies located the father, age 76, deceased in his kitchen of an apparent knife wound to the neck.
The 37 year old son was immediately taken into custody.

The Detective Bureau responded to the scene and obtained a search warrant to process the crime scene.  The suspect was transported to the Sheriff’s Office at which time the Detectives were able to obtain a confession.  The 37 year old suspect has been charged by the Washington County District’s Attorney’s Office with 1st Degree Intentional Homicide and is awaiting trial.

Fatal Fire Dick’s Club 144

At approximately 1:15am on 12-15-2012 a passerby noticed flames coming from the building at 7691 STH 144 in the Town of Farmington, Dick’s Club 144.  Responding squads located a female on a balcony who was then rescued by fire department personnel.  Also in the building was the owner, Richard Winter who was discovered by the fire fighters unresponsive on the first floor of the structure.  Unfortunately Winter did not survive the fire which was still ablaze.  Several fire investigators responded to the scene including two Detectives from the Sheriff’s Department as well as an expert from ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) and an investigator from the State Fire Marshall. The investigation revealed that Winter had heard a noise in the bar area and went to investigate.  Winter was unable to make it back upstairs or outside.

Embezzlement- St Joseph’s Hospital

On April 23, 2012 Investigators met with an employee of St Joseph Hospital who reported an internal theft which occurred between 3/25/11 and 10/28/11.  The employee indicated that $17,209.85 appeared to be missing from the Food and Nutritional Services Department.  Investigator Uhan and Detective Clausing were assigned the investigation.  On October 12, 2012 after 24 different interviews and several CVSA exams, Investigator Uhan was able to obtain a confession from the actor. 

Child Internet Sex Crime

On January 22, 2012 the Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into an incident where a young woman, age 16, was convinced to show her bare breasts to an individual via SKYPE on the internet.  This victim who resides in Washington County was convinced that she had to show this person her breasts or he would open a “Trojan Virus” that he claimed was installed on her computer.  The Detective Bureau became involved in this case and obtained a subpoena for “STICKAM”, which is a chat server. 

Information received from “STICKAM” ultimately lead the Detective to obtain another subpoena for “SKYPE”.  While contacting “SKYPE”, the Detective learned that another police agency from Virginia Beach, Virginia had recently inquired about the same I.P. address that had been obtained by the Washington County Detective.  The Washington County Detective then called Virginia Beach and spoke to a detective assigned to their investigation.   The Washington County Detective learned that Virginia Beach was investigating the same type of incident; however their case involved 2 sisters who were convinced to physically sexually assault each other while on SKYPE. 

During subsequent follow-up a suspect was identified in Canada.  The suspect was a student at a Canadian University, studying to obtain his doctorate as a Pediatrician. Canadian Authorities were contacted and assisted by seizing the suspect’s computer.  The computer provided information which led authorities to believe there was the potential for many victims.  On March 22, 2012 Canadian authorities arrested the suspect for: Internet Luring (two counts), Extortion (two counts) and Uttering Threats to Damage Property.  This suspect remains jailed in Canada pending extradition to Virginia Beach. Charges have also been requested from the Washington District’s Attorney’s Office



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