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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a police report, copy of your driving record, a restraining order, paying a fine and more. Find out when to call the Sheriff's office or the Clerk of Courts for more information and paying fines. Learn how to get your car out of impound or the name of who is handling your case.



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Q. How do I get a copy of a police report? 
A.Information for this is located on our Open Records Page.
Q. How do I get a copy of my driving record?
A. Information for this is located on our Open Records Page.
Q. How do I get a Restraining Order?
A. Information for this topic is on the state website for Victims Rights.
Q. Where do I pay my fine?
A. Payments for Circuit Court Fines may be made with a MasterCard or an electronic check on-line. Click here to “Pay Fees Online”.
Then follow the directions to pay with a credit card or electronic check. The Clerk of Courts will accept payment by cash, in person only, at the Clerk of Courts office. You can also pay by credit card, check or money order in person or by mail. Make checks and money orders payable to:
Washington County Clerk of Courts
432 E Washington St, Rm 3151
PO Box 1986
West Bend, WI 53095
Q. How do I change my court date?
A. This will depend on if the matter is a criminal or civil action.  Civil forfeiture citations will list a court date on the citation. The date on your citation is your opportunity to have a pretrial conference to attempt resolution of the case with the District Attorney's Office.  If you reach an agreement, a Stipulation and Order will be filed with the court.  If you do not reach an agreement, a form will be filed with the court indicating that an agreement has not been reached and the case will be set for a court trial at a later date.
It is not mandatory that you appear in court; however, the court date cannot be changed.  If you are unable to attend the scheduled court date and you wish to have a pretrial conference or a court trial, a not guilty plea must be entered in writing on or before 4:30 P.M. on the court date set forth on your citation with the Washington County Clerk of Court’s Office.  You will receive a notice of a pretrial conference or court trial date in the mail approximately two weeks following your initial court date.  Failure to make a plea in writing or to appear in court by the scheduled court date may result in a finding of guilt and the imposition of a forfeiture amount.
For any criminal action you will be notified by the Washington County District Attorney’s Office of a court date and any changes to those court dates will need to be made through that office. The Washington County District Attorney’s Office can be reached at 262-335-4311.
Q. How do I get my car out of impound?
A. In most cases vehicles are towed to individual towing companies and you will be responsible for making arrangements with the towing company for the associated towing and storage cost prior to the vehicle being released.
There are times when a vehicle is towed to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office as evidence. Those vehicles can only be released by our evidence technician, Detective Jim Wolf. He can be reached by contacting our office at 262-355-4378.
Q. Why can't I have the supplemental reports along with the accident report?
A. Oftentimes the supplemental reports are not prepared as quickly as the actual accident report and are simply not available. There also can be statutory or court-created exceptions which restrict immediate release. If you are specifically looking for the case report you can make a formal open records request and the open records custodian will make a fact-specific analysis prior to release.
Q. How do I find out what is going on or who is assigned a case?
A. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office assigns incident numbers to all of the cases we investigate.  It is helpful to have that identifying number to cross reference, although it is not mandatory.  The number is typically the year followed by a dash and a sequential number (For example: 2010-12345). If you were the complainant or victim in the case, you also were likely provided with a victim information sheet which would list the case number, as well as the investigating deputy's name.  If you do not have that information we can look up case numbers by date, location or persons involved. We can then relay your concerns to the investigating deputy and have him/her contact you.  Feel free to contact our office at 262-335-4378 for more information

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