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Frequently Asked Questions - Calls & Information

Discover if someone was arrested and in our jail, Deputy Green Card Notice, when to call the DNR for wild animals on your property, or dead animals in the road or on the highway.



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Q. How can I find out if someone was arrested and is in your jail?
A. You may contact the Washington County Jail at 262-335-4427.
Q. I found a green card left at my house with a Deputy’s name on it. What should I do?
A. Deputies stop at a residence for many different reasons. They may have an investigation they need to speak to you about, they may be passing on important information or they may have civil process to serve. Deputies leave a green message card when they have been unable to make contact with someone. Please read the card and return a call to the Deputy listed on the card. The Deputy may be able to give you the information over the phone or will arrange to meet with you.
Q. I have a wild animal on my property. Who should I call?
A. The Sheriff’s Office does not live trap or remove wild animals. If you have a wild animal that is in a building or on your property, there are private wildlife control and rehabilitation organizations that can be contacted. Check your local directories for pest or animal control specialists. You would be responsible for any fees associated with removing the animal.
If you suspect an animal is rabid or diseased, and you feel it may threaten human beings if left undisturbed, you may contact the Sheriff’s Office. We will send a deputy and the animal will likely be destroyed.  The Wisconsin Humane Society offers suggestions for dealing with wild animals. Go to: and follow the links to Wildlife.
Q. Who is responsible for picking up dead deer along the highway?
A. The state DNR contracts with a person or company to pick up dead carcasses from county highways. Although they will pick up other animal carcasses, the county Highway Shop does not pick up deer carcasses. Deputies and Highway Shop workers call in the location of the carcasses to our dispatch center who then notify the contract person on a daily basis. These deer will often be marked with orange paint. Depending on the season, the contract person has 24-72 hours to remove it from the highway. 






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