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Frequently Asked Questions - Calls & Information

Discover current road conditions, when to call 9-1-1, rules and regulations regarding information on persons other than yourself or a relative.



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Q. When can I call or stop in at the Sheriff’s Office?
A. Our office is staffed and available 24/7, 365 days a year. We are never closed.
Q. How do I find out about current road conditions or construction?
A. The best source of information on current weather and road conditions may be your local television and news radio stations. During a storm, our dispatchers are often very busy with emergency calls and they will not be able to assist you with travel planning. For construction reports, travel information and road conditions, please go to: http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/travel/driving-cond.htm
Q. When should I call 911 ?
A. Dialing 911 should only be done when a police, fire or medical emergency exists. An emergency means that someone’s life could be endangered if someone doesn’t respond right away or significant property damage might occur.  When you dial 911, your call goes directly to a dispatcher who will send an officer, ambulance or fire department to your location.
Q. What should I say when I call 911?
A. First, take a breath to calm yourself and try to remain calm. You will be excited, but if you speak too fast or don’t speak clearly, it can make it difficult for the dispatcher to get you the help you need. Be prepared to give your name, location, nature of the emergency and a call back number. Answer any questions even if they seem strange to you. The dispatcher is getting the information they need to send you help. Follow the dispatcher’s instructions and stay on the line until the dispatcher tells you it’s OK to hang up.
Q. Can I call 911 if it’s not an emergency?
A. No.  If it is not a true emergency, do not call 911. You should dial the Sheriff’s Department general phone number 335-4378. Your call will be forwarded to the appropriate person who can assist you. Calling 911 for a non-emergency matter ties up an emergency phone line and may send you resources that could be needed elsewhere. You can be issued a citation for Misuse of 911 if you knowingly call 911 with a non-emergency matter.
Q. I would like to get driver’s license or vehicle registration information on a person. Can you give me that information?
A. No. We are bound to follow strict rules about releasing information from our computer systems to private citizens. We cannot give you Department of Motor Vehicle information such as license plate numbers, addresses or driving records. To find out how to obtain that information for a fee, please contact a DMV service center at (800) 924-3570
Q. Can you give me a criminal history report on a person?
A. No. By state law, we cannot give private citizens a criminal history report on a person. You can obtain a criminal history report for a fee by contacting the Wisconsin Crime Information Bureau at 608-266-9398 or online at http://wi-recordcheck.org/.
Q. If I call the Sheriff’s Office or the County Jail, will you tell me if someone is wanted on a warrant?
A. No, we will not release that information over the phone.


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