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Inmate Miscellaneous Information


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  • All outgoing mail must have the inmate’s complete name on the return address and will be handed out unsealed. Letters may be inspected. All letters must be mailed in the envelopes provided through the Jail or Jail commissary. There will be no writing or drawings on the outside of the envelopes. No mail will be allowed between inmates in the jurisdiction of the Washington County Jail. If your mail does not meet the above standards, it will not be forwarded.
  • All incoming mail may be opened and inspected. The exception is privileged mail, which includes letters to and from attorneys, the courts, government officials, Jail Inspector or Sheriff. Incoming privileged mail will be opened in the inmate’s presence to verify the sender, and checked for contraband. Postage for privileged mail will be paid by the Jail within a reasonable limit. 
  • All inmates will be allowed to mail one (1) personal letter each week at the County’s expense. Any additional mail would require the inmate to purchase a stamped envelope. 
  • Mail or publications, which are deemed inappropriate in a Jail setting, will not be delivered. 
  • Incoming envelopes will be collected when mail is distributed, as they are not allowed in the cellblock. You will be allowed to keep letters in your cell as long as they fit into your tote or storage drawer. All other mail will be placed in your property or discarded if not deliverable. 
  • There will be no notes passed between cellblocks, nor will letters or notes be accepted at the front counter. The exception to this would be legal documents at the discretion of the Jail staff.   







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