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Entrance to Jail Visitor's Lobby

Where Do The Juveniles Stay?

When youth are securely detained for offenses committed as a juvenile, they will serve their stay in Washington County Juvenile Detention.  In addition to education, they are provided with programming which addresses some of the issues associated with delinquency.


brown bulletpointJuvenile / Secure Detention


Washington County Juvenile Detention shall treat all juveniles detained at the facility in a humane, firm, fair and respectful manner. Juvenile Detention will strive to create a positive program, which will encourage detained juveniles to return to the community as responsible, law-abiding members of society.

Parent Information:
By court order, your child is being detained at Washington County Juvenile Detention, which is located at 500 North Schmidt Road, West Bend, Wisconsin.  The Detention Facility can be entered off the lobby of the Jail Entrance. The lobby entrance has red doors. 

Visitation for family members at Juvenile Detention is non-contact. Visitation must be pre-scheduled and is available in half hour time periods.

Visiting is available daily from 1:30pm to 4:30pm and from 6:30pm-8:30pm. To schedule a visit call the Juvenile Pod Control at 262-306-2247. If you just show up without prearranging a visit, you will not be guaranteed an opportunity to visit your child.

Visits are limited to certain family members only. Call the Juvenile Pod Control to see if you are eligible to visit.  All visitors are required to provide proper identification before visiting such as drivers license, State ID and siblings, if permited, will also need their birth certificate. 

Each living area is equipped with a telephone for making out-going collect calls. Juvenile Detention does not assume any responsibility if your son or daughter cannot call you because of a block on your phone. Arangements to put money on account for phone services may be made with ICS/Customer Service at 888-506-8407.

Juveniles in detention may make phone calls between 8:00am and 10:00pm. They may not make calls during programmed time or during meals.  





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